About Us

Summit Management Development Services Limited is a foremost training and consultancy firm based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Our services are targeted at Corporate Bodies, Development projects, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies in developing countries within the Continent of Africa and Asia. To optimize the gains and benefits derivable from our services, we have initiated and continue to maintain collaborative and partnership relationship with other equally reputable institutions in Canada, Asia, America and Europe. Thus availing our clients with global best practices in their respective endeavors.

Our principal business focus is in the area of human capital development and related consultancy services. At Summit Management Development Services Limited, we organize training and management development programmes targeted at both private and public sector organizations and establishments,including donor (IDA) assisted development projects. As a global industry player with strategic partnership and collaborative relationship all over the world, we are able to hold training programmes in over twenty countries spread over every continent of the world. We design and deliver innovative programmes which are constantly reviewed to reflect the needs of our clients. Our programmes are structured to bring together academic knowledge and highly valued practical skills for competitive advantage. We do not stop at just delivering the training, we operate a strong follow-up process that ensures that we get continuous feedback from our participants/clients regarding the application of learning, thereby ensuring that they achieve maximum return on their investment in human capital development.

We have accordingly streamlined our services into five major categories as outlined below:

1. Training Need Identification:

: Critical to results driven training and management development is the practice of training needs identification. Apart from the observable and predictable challenges that characterize various industries, we believe that each organization has its peculiar training needs relevant to its core business operations. Consequently, we work very closely with our clients to establish their specific training needs.

2. Leadership and Strategic Management:

We provide training workshops and seminars with clear learning outcomes in key topical areas related to leadership and contemporary management challenges.

3. Project Management:

We provide capacity building support services to officials of donor assisted development projects in developing countries. The key components of project management such as monitoring and evaluation, procurement, financial management, leadership and governance issues, communication and stakeholders’ management, etc are fully provided for.

4. Education Sector Development and Support Services

As part of our contribution to the development of the education sector in developing countries, within our human resources development and management consultancy portfolios, we have made special provision for a robust system of result-driven interventions and need-based solutions targeted at education policy development, curriculum development, school management, teacher professional development and measurement of students' learning outcomes. We specialize in providing practical and research-based educational training.

5. Health and Environmental Development:

We have made adequate provision for capacity building programme for health workers and persons interested and environmental development and preservation.

Services Overview

At Summit Management Development Services Limited, we organize both local and international training programmes.

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